A Healthy and Fun Valentine’s Day Party!

Feb 07, 2017, Sonya Patel

It’s cold and slushy outside and the groundhog has just predicted 6 more weeks of winter (doesn’t he/she always?) Your students have been stuck inside for recess and are in the throws of cabin fever. Spring break is still more than a month away. What to do with your students for fun? Throw a small Valentine’s Day party in your classroom!

All good parties need good food. But you don’t want to hype the kids up on sugar. Try these healthy snacks, which also steer clear of the most common allergens some kids have:

  • Heart Melon Pop – Use a cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes in fruit – a melon works great!
  • Banana split – Sub greek yogurt in place of ice cream and top with strawberry slices and shaved dark chocolate. Nix the yogurt for students who can’t do dairy.
  • A smoothie made with raspberries or strawberries (both have a pretty pink color when blended!) dressed up in fancy disposable cups you can get from any party store.

(Check out http://school-bites.com/healthy-valentines-day-treats-school-party/ for more healthy Valentine’s goodies!)

For your party’s activity, help your students make handmade Valentine’s for their parents, or better yet, for a nearby nursing home or children’s hospital where you can drop them off for the patients (This might make it more interesting for older students too). Some fun ideas include:

  • Tye-dying socks and attaching a card “What a pair!”
  • Melt old broken crayons into a heart shaped mold (cookie cutter) and make new crayons!
  • Braid friendship bracelets with a note that says “The world would KNOT be the same without you!”

(These and more great ideas found at https://www.brit.co/kids-valentines-cards/).

Most importantly, for your party to be fun for everyone, require that any students bringing in Valentine’s cards pass them out to ALL the students in class.

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