All About the amaZEN U Mood Tracker

Sep 07, 2017, Sonya Patel

All About the amaZEN U Mood Tracker – What is it and how to use it!

Students go through several ups and downs of mood and energy throughout each and every day. Classrooms with younger kids might come in bright eyed first thing in the morning, but fade after lunch. Older kids may not fully be awake and alert until after noon.

At amaZEN U, we have made it easy for you to find the perfect video for your classroom’s particular needs. The amaZEN U Mood Chart helps you accurately assess your students’ mood so you can find a corresponding activity. Videos on the site are organized into four categories, based on the Mood Chart: Angry (Irritated, Critical, Frustrated), Sad (Tired, Bored, Lonely), Happy (Creative, Calm, Cheerful), and Energized (Excited, Playful, Giddy).

amaZEN U Mood Tracker

The next time you want to introduce your class to a yoga activity, first click on the amaZEN U Mood that corresponds to the vibe of your classroom. Then pick a video from the selection that pops up. When you are able to offer an activity that matches the energy level of your classroom, the students are more likely to be engaged and participate. This mood match is what makes our videos so effective!

amaZEN U has more than 100 yoga and mindfulness videos, organized for different moods and ages. Subscriptions start at just $9 per month. Sign up today at

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