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Make yoga and mindfulness a part of your family's day, every day.

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Calm and Focused Mindful Moment 1

Duration: 1:47


Duration: 4:53

Mindful listening

Duration: 1:23


Duration: 5:08

5 minutes daily = lifelong tools for your child.

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When do I use amaZEN U?

Before school. After school. During homework or test prep. Indoor play days. Before bed. Hard days. Easy days. Bond with your family while teaching life-skills


Who can benefit?

You. Your child. Your whole family.


What special equipment do I need?

Simply a device with an internet connection. Press play at home or on-the-go.


What if I don't practice yoga and mindfulness?

No problem. Our videos are simple, ad-free, and effective. We'll help you find your breath, and before you know it, you'll have found your ZEN.


Why amaZEN U?

  • Created specifically for PreK-12 students

  • No special equipment needed

  • 5 minute (or less) videos

  • Curated videos with a guided curriculum

  • No ads, no cartoons: features real, diverse children

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