Healthy Snacks for Healthy Kids

Mar 28, 2016, Sonya Patel

Whether your child is spending his/her day in school, or is home on break this week, it is unlikely that he/she will not want to eat anything between meal times. With a tiny bit of preparation, healthy snacks can be quick and easy for your kids to reach when they get their mid-day munchies.

A bowl of fruit sitting on the counter or kitchen table is probably the easiest snack to prepare. Grapes, apples, pears, oranges and bananas are all fine sitting outside the fridge. Grapes especially are great for kids (and adults!) who are always on the go. They’re the perfect snack to eat when the mindless munchies hit, and you just need to have something. You can also pop them in them in the freezer for a frozen treat when the weather is warmer. If your kids aren’t into fruit, you can try topping fruit slices with caramel or chocolate syrup (homemade or store bought) or a fruit dip (here’s a great recipe for a homemade greek yogurt – cream cheese dip).

Another great idea for the kid who doesn’t like fruit or vegetables – smoothies! Made with yogurt, they’re creamy like a milkshake, but have lots of healthy protein to keep kids full till dinner. Add a banana to thicken it up, then experiment with your favorite fruits and veggies.

If you’re looking for something non-messy that you and your kids can eat in the car while running errands or driving to after school activities, try making your own trailmix. Include a variety of your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit and M&M’s if you want the added bit of sweet.

You may be reading this and thinking “No way is my family going to eat any of this healthy stuff!” If you need to first ween your kids off of processed junk food, try healthier homemade versions. Instead of pizza rolls or bagel bites, make your own with bagels, tomato sauce and cheese. Swap toaster strudels and pop tarts for cinnamon sugar toast or peanut butter honey toast. Try this veggie chip recipe from Rachel Ray  instead of potato chips.

The more healthful foods you make available to your kids, the more likely they are to choose something nutritious!

For helpful school lunch ideas, check out the Zenworks Yoga blog post The Art of School Lunches.

Happy snacking!

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