How to Help Your Child Get – and Stay – Organized

Oct 26, 2017, Sonya Patel

The school year is well underway now, which means any sense of organization you imparted on your children or students is probably long gone by now. Desks, lockers and book bags may be filled with forgotten papers and utensils, some of which could have been important. But teaching organizational skills now can help a child become more independent as they grow older. Try these strategies if your child tends to be a bit scattered with his/her belongings…

  • Color code folders and notebooks. When shopping for school supplies, purchase folders and notebooks in corresponding colors so kids can easily find the materials and notes for a given subject. You can also try using colors to organize containers at home where important papers should go (ex: Mail, Homework, Papers for parents to sign).
  • Teach your child to use a checklist. Sit down with your child at home and create a checklist. You can even laminate the checklist and teach him/her to review it before leaving school to go home every afternoon. Try this at home also.
  • Introduce a Calendar or Planner. Teach your child how to use a calendar or planner to keep track of daily assignments and activities.
  • Establish a routine. Your child has to follow a routine during the school day – incorporate one at your home as well. For example, afternoon snack immediately upon arriving at home, followed by homework then a set amount of screen time.
  • Schedule a clean-up time. Even the most organized among us occasionally need to set aside time to clean up our surroundings. Schedule time for your child to clean his or her room and school bags (clean and organize something of yours at the same time and make it a family affair.)

If your child is already organized and enjoys staying neat, congratulations! Share your tips with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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