Meet Our Partner: Jakprints

May 30, 2019, Sonya Patel

We are so grateful to Jakprints for its sponsorship of our YOGATHON! Not only will they be printing our event t-shirts, but this amazing company has also been producing our beautiful classroom materials for several years! We are so grateful for all they do!  CEO Nick DeTomaso answered some questions for us about what makes Jakprints one of the best print shops in Cleveland.

ZWY: Tell us about Jakprints and what it does.

JP: Jakprints is a customer service business with an incredible commercial print company at the heart of it. We specialize in promotional marketing materials (business cards, brochures, stickers, catalogs, posters, etc.) and decorated apparel and accessories (screen printed, embroidery, sublimation, and more!). We focus on uniquely inspired products that truly represent your brand and how important it is to you and your organization!

ZWY: What makes Jakprints stand out from other area print shops?

JP: Jakprints’ value is in our commitment to inspired quality and authentic service and support. We came up through the DIY grass roots artistic communities and we truly believe that those 20 years of experience seasoned our skillets in a way that other printers or multi-national conglomerates can not replicate the flavor our team can produce. When you’re creating merchandise, promoting an event or market your brand, your products needs to have a heart and soul.

ZWY: Tell us more about your environmental initiatives and why that is important.

JP: Since 1999, our mission has been to grow our business, helping customers with print that had been previously done by less responsible printers and to do a better job for our customers and with a smaller ecological footprint. We partnered with Trees For The Future where we submit donations for every order we ship towards planting trees in developing nations where investments in forestry and farming are critical to improving our planetary health and supporting the ecology and communities in those countries. We use sustainably forested North American paper (recycled content where appropriate), water based coatings, and soy and vegetable based inks. Our investments in equipment have been to drive this mission forward as well. At the heart of our operation is the first Heidelberg Anicolor (B2 sheet size) press installed in North America, which was manufactured carbon neutral and is an innovation that saved us over a million sheets a year in setup paper waste (pre-consumer). This gives us a huge leg up, saving 300-400 sheets of waste per job against any other printer. We recycle all paper trim scrap, reuse and recycle containers throughout our facilities, recycle corrugated cardboard, participate in many environmental improvement projects (investment into the parks systems and other projects where we can lend our hands), even erroneously printed shirts are donated or cut into rags and up-cycled before being discarded. The entire world (present and future) is relying on us all to do better!

ZWY: Why is it important for you to sponsor/work with not for profit organizations like ZENworks Yoga?

JP: Without the community, a business can not even exist, let alone thrive. The heart of any community enriches from the efforts of organizations like ZENworks, doing good with a meaningful mission!

ZWY: What are some of the most interesting and unique projects that Jakprints has facilitated?

JP: We printed the Championship Podium jackets that Tom Brady and the Patriots wore as the confetti dropped at the last Superbowl, the posters, stencils and stickers for Lebron during the Cavs parade celebration, even the original “Witness” shirts when Lebron first joined the league. We’ve printed for every band from Cher to Selena Gomez and Kid Cudi, but the projects we’re most proud of are usually the ones for friends across the country, who are taking the leap to make their part time passion into their full time business. This is where we draw the most inspiration and where we really get excited to help empower creatives, artists and dreamers.



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