Spotlight on Calming Pigeon Pose for a Quick Break in the Classroom

Mar 07, 2017, Sonya Patel

What it is: Calming pigeon pose is often done in yoga classes as the last pose before final rest pose. Our variation is from a seated position, so students can do this pose right at their desks in the classroom.  This would be great as a quick yoga break before or after lunch/recess or even as a brain break between long lessons.

Why we love it: Categorized as a calming hip opener, pigeon pose stretches the hip area in two different ways – increasing the rotation of the femur bone in the hip socket, and lengthening the psoas muscle (the muscle that connects).

How to do it (seated variation):

  • Sit tall and straight in your chair.
  • Cross your right ankle over your left knee.
  • Press one hand into your knee and the other into your heel.
  • Inhale and lean forward over your crossed leg.
  • Stay in the pose for three to five breath cycles.
  • To get out of the pose, sit back in your chair and uncross your leg.
  • Repeat with the other leg.

The chair variation that we offer here is perfect for the classroom because it doesn’t require a lot of space. It also doesn’t put as much stress on the hips as the floor version – which makes it perfect as a one-off pose to try during your day (versus the floor variation which should be worked up to with a series of moves to warm up the hips).

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