Strong and Calm Warriors

Oct 11, 2016, Sonya Patel

What it is: Anybody who has ever taken a yoga class knows the warrior poses. These poses are a staple for a reason – forming a strong base and focusing the mind with an added bonus of stretching and opening both the legs/hips as well as shoulders/chest.

Why we love it: The warrior poses strengthen the legs, and open the muscles across the chest and arms, while developing concentration and balance. It also helps to improve circulation and breathing.

 How to do it:

  • From mountain pose (standing position), step feet 3-4 feet apart and turn the right toes to the right wall and bend the right knee directly over the right ankle.
  • Turn the hips and the shoulders towards the front and reach out through the finger tips, reaching towards the side walls. Turn and look over the right middle finger.
  • Press into the feet, keeping the legs strong. Sink the hips down towards the floor, and reach the crown of the head up to lengthen the spine. Relax the shoulders down and back, pressing the chest forward.
  • Breathe and hold for 3-6 breaths.
  • To take this pose further into Warrior III, square hips to the front of the mat, forward slightly at the waste and lift the left leg off the mat. Reach both hands in front of your head.
  • To release, step the left foot forward to meet the right and end in mountain pose. Repeat on the right side.

Younger kids will love the strong “warrior” connotation associated with this pose. Older students will love the challenge presented by balancing in Warrior III.

Looking for more?  Check our Warrior and Triangle sequence as well as Calm Warrior amaZEN Mix.

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