Teacher Appreciation Month – Appreciating YOU!

May 09, 2017, Sonya Patel

Hopefully your school and/or students have planned some fun activities to appreciate its teachers this month for Teacher Appreciation Week (though we like to think of it as a month)! But it’s also important that YOU appreciate you!

According to Gallup’s State of America’s Schools report, nearly half of teachers K-12 report feeling stressed on a day to day basis. Teachers also reported feeling that their “opinion didn’t matter” at work. These feelings can have a direct impact on the achievement of students.

This means you owe it not just to yourself, but to your students, to take care of yourself! Self-care and appreciation starts with you. It’s so important to take time for yourself to do something you enjoy.

Do you like reading? Join a book club at the library or an online “book of the month” club. Cooking or baking? Try to set aside time a few nights a week to try a new or complicated recipe.

Even taking just 10 minutes a day for yourself is fantastic. You can try one of the breathing exercises from AmaZEN U and concentrate on calming your mind for a short time and just focus on you and the moment.

If the thought of finding time to schedule something else into your day – even enjoyable activities – is giving you even more stress, don’t sweat it! Just try to do something for you, that you enjoy, once or twice a week. Save your Saturday morning for a long hike. Or just sleep in past 5 am for once!

When you feel your best, you can give your best and your students will be better off for it!

And don’t forget that we are giving away free annual memberships all month long – just tell us how amaZEN U has impacted your students/classroom for a chance to win by emailing us at sonya@zenworks.ny001.rndpxl.net or sharing on social media!

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