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Belly Breath

Duration: 1:31

Starfish 1

Duration: 2:13

Flamingo 2

Duration: 3:13

Neck Rotation 2

Duration: 3:09

5 minutes daily = lasting classroom results.

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When do I use amaZEN U?

Brain breaks. Transitional activities. Before
tests. After lunch. Indoor recess days.


Who can benefit?

Every child in your classroom. Every teacher in your building. Every administrator in your school.


What equipment do I need?

Simply use any device with an
internet connection.


What if I don’t have classroom technology?

No problem! amaZEN U can be done just by
listening. You or your students can model these
simple, effective videos for the class.


Why amaZEN U?

  • Created specifically for PreK-12 students

  • No special equipment needed
  • 5 minute (or less) videos
  • Curated videos with a guided curriculum
  • No ads, no cartoons: features real, diverse children

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