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Apr 04, 2016, Sonya Patel
Standardized testing produces stress and anxiety for students and teachers. Many suggestions for how to prepare your students are flooding the information channels right now with spring testing in full bloom.  Besides a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast, we would also like to weigh in with suggestions on how to prepare body and mind for success.
When students do cross-lateral movements (arm and leg movements that cross over from one side of the body to the other) the two sides of the brain are forced to communicate, and this strengthens the nerve-cell pathways linking both sides of the brain. (from: kids-move.com)
These sequences help balance the brain and calm the nervous system in preparation for testing.  Be sure to practice with your students to balance your own energy and calm your nervous system. Emotions are contagious because of mirror neurons in the brain. A calm and balanced teacher reflects for their students confidence, focus and preparedness. You are all in this together and we would like to support you.
It takes about 5 minutes to add each of these activities to the “My Saved Activities” button in the top menu bar.  This first time setting it up, guided, will set you up for quicker access. A five minute sequence (approx.) for each grade level is listed below. Once you have discovered your students’ favorites, you will make this your own by adding or removing activities.
Test Prep Sequence Suggestions
Pre-K -2nd 
  1. Calm and Focused > Mindful Monents > Mind in a Jar (duration 2:21)
  2. Balanced > Standing Poses > Eagle (duration 2:32)
  3. Balanced > Breathwork > Bird Breath (duration 1:04)

Total Minutes-5:56

3rd-5th Grade
  1. Balanced > Breathwork > Balanced Breath (duration 2:00)
  2. Balanced > Standing Poses > Eagle 1 (duration 2:32)
  3. Energized > Breathwork > Breath of Joy 1 (duration 1:54)

Total Minutes- 6:26

6th-8th Grade 
  1. Calm and Focused > Breathwork> Balanced Breath (duration 2:00)
  2. Balanced > Chair Poses > Open Heart and Eagle Arms 2 (duration 2:50)
Total Minutes-4:50
9th-12th Grade
  1. Balanced > Breathwork >Balanced Breath (duration 2:00)
  2. Balanced > Chair Poses > Open Heart and Eagle Arms 2 (duration 2:50)

Total Minutes – 4:50 

We at amaZEN U wish you and your students focus, confidence and success.

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