Wake Up Ninja Style!

Oct 25, 2016, Sonya Patel

Cool fall weather just makes people feel sleepier. It starts with the morning, when the air is chilly and we’d all just like to stay snuggled under the warm covers. Then getting out of the warm, steamy shower. And of course, leaving the house in the crisp air and having to go anywhere, whether it’s work or school.

This time of year is especially hard on teenagers, who have a tendency to both overextend themselves with after school activities and stay up late at night. Today’s teenagers are often expected to hold a part time job, be involved with extracurriculars (to sweeten their college applications) as well as maintain their grade point average and have a social life.

Which means that kids may sometimes tune out during class, or worse, fall asleep. Often they’re not doing this to be rude or disrespectful to you, the teacher (even though it comes across that way). It’s just that they are really that tired.

If you suspect that your students could use a quick wake-up activity, try a simple movement game. Even something like musical chairs or a dance party can still be fun for older students and it gets everyone up and moving. If you think that might be too much, amaZEN U’s yoga videos are categorized by age and the purpose you’d like to achieve with the activity (Calm & Focused, Balanced, or Energized). The Ninja Mix 2 video is a great four minute mix of poses that can be done standing next to a desk. Younger students can try Ninja Mix 1. It’s just enough to re-energize and focus, but won’t leave students chaotic.

This and more videos are available at www.amazenu.com. Subscriptions for unlimited videos are just $5 per month!

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