ZENworks Yoga Meet the Instructor // Ebony Rollins

Sep 24, 2019, Sonya Patel

This week we’re introducing you to ZENmaker Ebony Rollins!

What inspired you to become a children’s yoga teacher?

I read about ZENworks in social media article and within seconds I was emailing the director, Sonya. I love teaching yoga in general and when I saw the opportunity to teach children, I knew I had to take it! Yoga has helped me so much as an adult and I wish I had it available to me as a child. Mindfulness and yoga are practices, and when children can start young they have the chance to develop invaluable skills that can help them in all areas of life.

What is one of your favorite classroom memories as a ZENworks instructor?

One of my favorite classroom moments is the moment I realized teaching small children was ideal for me. During my residency, my mentor Lisa took a step back and allowed me to lead the curriculum. Seeing her face beaming at me at the back of the classroom let me know I belonged and was in the right place.

What is your favorite yoga practice and why?

My personal favorite yoga practices are slow flow yoga, yin, and restorative. So much of our daily lives require us to hustle and bustle, so having an hour to decompress and move with my breath helps my nervous system, stress, sleep and an infinite amount of other things in my life. Yoga heals!

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